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1 Million Privé, the new nugget of Paco Rabanne


1 Million Privé, the new nugget of Paco Rabanne
1 Million Privé, the new nugget of Paco Rabanne

Forget the raw fragrances of formwork. Contemporary men – and their fragrances – are no longer afraid of expressing a nuanced virility, where gentleness takes the lion’s share. Also, perfumers compete in ingenuity to seduce ever more demanding men. Paco Rabanne has understood this well and is not lacking in daring when it comes to appealing to men. In this case, he decided this time to revisit one of his great classics. One Million Privé will make its appearance very soon and you will be able to get it very quickly for cheap on our site.

What smell is behind One Million Privé?

Like its predecessor, One Million Privé takes us into a world of luxury, opulence and glamor. This is displayed immediately through its ingot-shaped bottle. This is a real design object and is completely covered with a metal frame. However, this one wants to be darker than before. On the scent side, One Million Privé starts with a daring and fresh combination of blood mandarin and cinnamon. These two ingredients reveal woody, sweet and tangy tones. They are then relayed by a scent of hookah tobacco, at the same time honeyed, waxy, dry and hot. The myrrh resin, on the other hand, shows us its more humid, caramelized and aniseed side. Its aromas are slightly spicy and almost evoke the scent of saffron, coriander and cloves. Finally, One Million Privé ends with an intense and suave sensation. The patchouli delivers all its sensuality at its base, while the tonka bean absolute underlines the whole with a touch of praline and slightly vanilla. This scent then seems as attractive as pure gold. It takes us into a world of fantasies, seduction and desire. Man thus seems to reaffirm his masculinity through this material, revealing to us in turn his1 Million assets !

The actors of this new creation Paco Rabanne

The man Paco Rabanne will then be embodied by the model Sean O’Pry. This is, indeed, the face of the brand since 2015. In fact, he already showed in a commercial for the fragrance One Million comp into a genius of the beautiful Ana Jirickova , his female counterpart. This dark brown-haired man is a lover of humor who should then fully do the trick to embody the One Million Privé man. He is considered to be one of the rising stars of the podiums. After being discovered in 2006 on MySpace, he notably paraded for the biggest brands and even appeared in the Madonna or Taylor Swift music video.

Also, even if we talk a lot about muses, a perfume would be nothing without its creator. The perfumer then becomes a full actor in his creation. Also, in order to develop the new One Million Privé, Paco Rabanne once again trusted Christophe Raynaud. He had notably collaborated in the creation of his first version, in 2008. Nevertheless, while he now works solo, he was formerly accompanied by Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. Also, we must recognize that the universe of extravagance, gold and wealth seems to fit him like a glove!

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