Black XS Los Angeles for men, the new rocker of Paco Rabanne


Black XS Los Angeles for men, the new rocker of Paco Rabanne
Black XS Los Angeles for men, the new rocker of Paco Rabanne

Everyone knows that the Paco Rabanne house is known for its true creative genius.

In this case, each of the essences of this brand takes us into a real universe. If Invictus recently marked the spirits with its Olympic strength, the gasoline duo Black XS formed, for its part, a much more rock couple. Also, at the start of 2016, Paco Rabanne decided to push this spirit to its climax and will soon release the new Black XS Los Angeles Homme . In this case, it is a real tribute to the city which is considered to be the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll.

The authentic scent of Black XS Los Angeles for men

Unlike the classic Black XS, born in 2005, which was quite woody, the new Black XS Los Angeles for men is more mineral. Indeed, Paco Rabanne wanted to create a fragrance for an authentic man with a more natural scent. However, the Black XS Los Angeles man does not lack character and clearly shows his personality through his new fragrance. Black XS Los Angeles for Men kicks off with a very energizing scent of Florida orange. The latter brings a real burst of liveliness to the whole and seems sun-drenched. Thus, this juice becomes even more radiant. Then, scarlet sage takes over. This aromatic plant cultivated in many countries brings a more chypre and oriental aspect. It is also emblematic of the fern accord, a typical scent of male essences. In addition, it has the property of reinforcing the content of the essences which contain it. This bodes well, the new Black XS Los Angeles for men only becomes more tenacious and will follow you throughout the day. In addition, it displays a very spicy side and in particular a strong cinnamon scent. Finally, it ends with more mineral scents.

The rock ‘n’ roll spirit sought by Paco Rabanne

Who says new essence, says new muse. Also, it is the son of two legends of international cinema, namely Daniel Day Lewis and Isabelle Adjani who will have the heavy task of embodying Black XS Los Angeles for men. More specifically it is the model and singer, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis. Behind his angelic face, in reality hides a rebel whose body is covered with tattoos. As much to say to you that the image wanted by Paco Rabanne sticks to him to the skin! In addition, the rock ‘n’ roll aspect of this new essence is also very present on its bottle. This one takes, of course, the look of its predecessors. It is cut from thick glass which immediately gives off an image of strength. However, this image is contrasted by rounded angles. Likewise, Paco Rabanne likes to play on the duality of his look through his colors. Indeed, three quarters of its glass is covered with an intense black lacquering with a very rock spirit. However, its basis is completely transparent. It then lets glimpse a tender bluish juice. Thus, the luminosity of its base contrasts wonderfully with the opacity of the rest of this setting. In short, this bottle is in total correlation with the various olfactory facets present in this essence.

There is also a female equivalent , discover it without further delay.

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