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Carita Pearly Lotion Cleansing Milk Emulsion


Carita Pearly Lotion Cleansing Milk Emulsion
Carita Pearly Lotion Cleansing Milk Emulsion

Since 1956, the Carita brand has made every effort to offer women quality products, as well as a professional skincare method. Between daring and sensitivity, Carita treatments benefit from extraordinary know-how. If the Carita house was bought by the L’Oréal group in 1986, the technology and the soul of Carita products are respected. Among the flagship products, we note “Le Fluide de Beauté 14, The facial care line, the Global Anti-Aging Progressive Care” or even “The Cleansing Milk Emulsion Lotion Pearly”. As soft as mother-of-pearl, the “Pearly Cleansing Lotion” is a truly exceptional product.

The benefits of Pearlescent Lotion Cleansing Milk Emulsion

The “Pearly Lotion Emulsion of Cleansing Milk” is considered as a concentrate of sensoriality and as a perfect treatment for a gentle make-up removal. Its unique texture combines lightness and finesse, “Lotion Pearly Emulsion of Cleansing Milk” gently cleanses and removes make-up from your face and eyes. Its secret is that it is enriched with rice oil extract as well as vitamin E derivative. Like a caress, pearly lotion offers 3 main benefits. First of all, the pearly lotion is cleansing. That is to say, it rids your skin of all impurities and traces of makeup. Then, the pearly lotion offers you a toning effect. Indeed, it gently stimulates and refreshes your face. Finally, Carita pearly lotionis meant to be soothing. This is why it is particularly appreciated by fragile skin. Its delicate scent of sweet almonds will leave a delicious smell of fresh on your skin.

Carita Pearly Lotion Cleansing milk emulsion, instructions for use

Lotion Nacrée makeup remover is therefore a makeup remover that is suitable for all skin types. Its use is very simple. Using a damp cotton ball, apply a small amount of product to the face and eyes in the morning or evening. Your pearly lotion is a 2 in 1 makeup remover that does not require a tonic or rinsing. The bottle is a pump bottle which will give you the quantity of products necessary for your make-up removal. Sober and white, the packaging is also refined and gives you the impression of a real soft caress.

The “Pearly Lotion Emulsion of Cleansing Milk” is like a pearl of pearl on your skin. All in delicacy, your skin is cleansed and free of all impurities. Healthy and hydrating, your skin exudes health and its radiance is seen day after day.




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