Clarins, the Khôl pencil that sublimates your eyes

Clarins, the Khôl pencil that sublimates your eyes
Clarins, the Khôl pencil that sublimates your eyes

Enhance the intensity of your gaze with the Khôl Crayon from Clarins

Have you ever noticed the black line that covered the eyes of the Egyptians on the frescoes found by archaeologists? It was already the ancestor of Crayon Khôl. Obviously, the formula of this product has greatly evolved today. However, its intensity remains the same and still makes women happy all over the world. The Crayon Khôl offers a typically oriental beauty and draws a glance of embers. This time he is invited to the Clarins home and at the same time benefits from all the expertise of this large care home.

The Crayon Khôl from Clarins and its many colors

First of all, note that the Crayon Khôl from Clarins is available in seven different shades. This may sound trivial, but is unusual enough to be pointed out. Indeed, the traditional Khôl Crayon is usually black. This time, its unique texture is preserved but allows you to give free rein to all your creativity. The Crayon Khôl from Clarins thus sublimates your eyes according to your desires, with a perfectly adjustable color intensity. It offers a soft, easy and precise application, as well as an exceptional hold. It can then be used to draw a clear line or to obtain a more faded gradient.

How to apply your Khôl Crayon?

The Clarins Khôl Crayon can be used in different ways. As an eyeliner, you just need to apply it flush with your upper or lower lashes and leave it as it is, in order to obtain a precise result. On the other hand, it can also be faded and then allows you to obtain a nice gradient. To do this, all you need to do is use the brush tip of the Crayon Khôl from Clarins. Finally, it can, of course, be used like a traditional Khôl Crayon . In this case, it can also spread inside the eye, without any risk of irritation.

Clarins - Khôl pencil

Discover the new Khôl pencil from Clarins with an intense outline.

Clarins Khôl pencil

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Indispensable to give the look a bewitching depth!

It intensifies the color of all the irises, the light ones seem lighter, the darker ones are mysterious.

Its very soft texture, adapted to the delicate area of ​​the inside of the eye, glides on perfectly for an easy, clean and precise application and allows the eyes to be intensely emphasized.

Rich in pigments, it colors intensely from the first pass, does not run and lasts for a long time.

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