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All That Matters Eau de Parfum

All That Matters Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Anamor. The notes of this fragrance are musk, sandalwood, lily of the valley


A subtle and elegant skin scent. Deceptively simple in composition, All That Matters is one of those fragrances that merges with your skin and reads more like an aura than a perfume. This simplicity works because of the quality of the ingredients. Any musk lover can tell you that not all musk is created equal. The musk at the heart of All That Matters is smooth, with a silken lightness that is almost airy. This particular musk is also very rare and prohibitively expensive ? therefore it is infrequently used in commercial fragrances except in tiny amounts. In this handcrafted blend, however, it is the star player — paired with gorgeous and compelling sandalwood oil from East India and the delicate crispness of lily of the valley. Quiet and compelling. Discreetly seductive.

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