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Anti-Blues is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris Black Collection. The notes of this fragrance are Dark chocolate, saffron, grapefruit, incense, resin, amyris, cacao wood, hay, tobacco, vetiver, leather, vanilla


“In the paintings of Jacques Monory, blue forgives everything. It makes the crime aesthetic, the threat fascination. Bathed in shades of highly desirable blue, urban and contemporary violence paradoxically becomes hypnotic.”
Anti-Blues, the first in Pierre Guillaume’s new Confidentiel series, is a dark gourmand that, like the paintings of Monory, bathes warm mineral and woody gourmand notes in a cool blue wash of frankincense, combining the dangerous and the delicious. The frankincense is stark and cold, mixed with an almost alien vetiver, disguising the imposing woody bitterness coming from cacao, saffron, and amyris. Touches of hay and dark chocolate coax out the animal nuances of vanilla, already dirtied with leather and tobacco. It’s a fragrance of olfactory illusion, enticing edible notes and seductive woods painting a distinctly tinted portrait of delectable darkness.

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