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Aroon Sawat Eau de Parfum

Aroon Sawat Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Strangers Parfumerie. The notes of this fragrance are golden mango, Marian plum, pomelo, orange flower, bergamot, passion fruit, tuberose, gardenia, incense, myrrh, rose, amber, sandalwood, mandarin


Aroon Sawat, meaning?good morning!?? in Thai, is part of Strangers Parfumerie’s 24/7 series. Inspired by the gentle warmth of the morning sun, the scent was composed by perfumer Prin Lomros with the specific intent of capturing all the golden tones implied in the country’s original name of Siam, which is thought to have originated in the word Suvannaphumi, meaning Land of Gold.
And indeed, Aroon Sawat is a perfume rich in warm, ambered notes that seem to shimmer like particles of gold dust caught in sunlight. Thick, syrupy plums, mango, and ripe passionfruit are suspended in multiple layers of hazy woods, ambers, and resins for a smoky incense effect that lingers all day. Think plumes of rich myrrh and sandalwood incense pouring out of an ancient Thai temple and mingling with the heady scent of ripe stone fruits and white flowers in nearby orchards. Yet, in the midst of all these rich, smoky aromas, there is a thread of freshness ? from the citrus, or the sour mango ? that cuts through the velveteen texture of the scent and allows air to circulate. It’s divine. And if you love woody-ambery-leathery scents such as Costume National or Ombre Indigo (or even Chambre Noir) by Olfactive Studio, then Aroon Sawat could scratch the same itch.

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