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Attar AT Perfume oil

Attar AT Perfume oil is a fragrance by Tauer Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are Animalic leather, birchtar, Java vetiver, dark dry woods, sandalwood, hints of Jasmine, cistus, and castoreum.


“I was invited for tea in the Saudi desert one fine evening, sitting together with perfume lovers and friends. We discussed the world of oudh and attar. We talked and smelled and watched the sun hiding behind the dunes. I will never forget.
Coming home, I just had to continue working on an attar: dark, arabic, rough, strong? but not loud. I wanted an attar beyond the ordinary. I wanted the Tauer Attar to come with an element of modesty. One drop on each arm is enough to go with you through the day with the scent staying close to the skin.” ?Andy Tauer
Please note: Due to the small size of the bottle, samples will unfortunately not be available. The Attar is a new product that is unique in the Tauer collection. 5ml pure perfume oil, without any alcohol or other fillers added.

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