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California Snow Eau de Parfum

California Snow Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by A Lab on Fire. The notes of this fragrance are Sage, tea, chamomile, coumarin, narcissus, rose, hay, cannabis, musk, soil tincture, vetiver, cedar


California Snow crackles with the electricity of a soirée high in the Hollywood Hills. White-blonde starlets loll on the lawn, rolling joints and listening to the sound of the coyotes. Studio execs, excited by the snowy mounds of illicit substances on every surface, long to engage. But the scent of the hot night air ? earth, sage, cannabis ? is too bewitching to focus on anything else.
California Snow’s glossy, filmed-in-HD surface belies a certain?earth mother?? wildness. A rose so bright and crisp it smells more like an apple is the first surprise; the damp earthiness of the soil tincture the second. The combination of the crystalline with the muddy is utterly charming, like a glammed-up cool kid suddenly locating their hippy side, and kicking off their Jimmy Choos to roll around in the dirt. A witchy sage works with aromatic hay, chamomile, and wild mountain tea to dry out the scent, turning it from earthy and wet into something you might crumble up and smoke. It finishes as a gust of warm, grassy desert air off the scrublands high up in the Hollywood Hills. With its clever contrasting of crisp, clean notes with grungy, earthy ones, California Snow is provocative in a good-humored way, like a star who chooses to pair a pristine white tuxedo with beaten-up plimsolls for a red carpet event.

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