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Corpse Reviver Eau de Parfum

Corpse Reviver Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Bruno Fazzolari. The notes of this fragrance are Blood orange, camphor, whiskey, rosemary, marigold, dried fruit, anise, cypress, dark chocolate, vanilla, civet


In 2016, Bruno Fazzolari and Bogue’s Antonio Gardoni released Cadavre Exquis, a playful and exuberant kinda gourmand scent created across two continents through a sort of olfactory game of telephone. Featuring a striking dark chocolate note atop vintage-feeling aromatic florals, boozy fruit, and a potent dose of animalics, it was a monster of a scent- one that challenged- and rewarded- those off-kilter enough to get on its level. Now, with Corpse Reviver, Bruno Fazzolari has brought the spirit of Cadavre Exquis back to the mortal plane, but with a bit of rebalancing meant to let the disparate elements play nice together. And we must confess, it works perfectly- now, the rich, earthy indulgence of the dark chocolate springs more naturally from the juicy, boozy opening, while the animalics and spicy florals recede slightly in favor of the aromatics, allowing the composition to breathe and evolve. In the mood for a wholly unique, sophisticated gourmand with real artistic flair? Don’t miss Corpse Reviver.

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