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Costa Azzura Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Costa Azzura Tom Ford Eau de Parfum is a 2021 Aromatic Aquatic Perfume by Tom ford for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Wood, Oud, Seaweed, Cardamom, Celery, Ambrette. Middle notes are Cypress, Lemon, Mandarin, Mugwort, Myrtle, Lavender. Base notes are Oak, Resin, Incense, Vetiver, Lentiscus, Vanilla.


Costa Azzura: Tom Ford’s new fragrance

& nbsp; With its Costa Azzurra fragrance, it takes us to the heart of the Mediterranean. This juice is a solar and refined concentrate, as luxurious as it is radiant. Presented in a beautiful golden bottle, it transports us to an elsewhere rich in emotions and well-being.

Costa Azzurra, a fragrance synonymous with travel

For most Americans, the Mediterranean is a place to discover at least once in a lifetime, far from their culture and as fascinating for its art of living as for its gastronomy and its beauty. However, it is precisely to transport us to this region that Tom Ford has made the Costa Azzurra perfume. It must be said that the American designer knows this part of the planet well… Before opening his own luxury brand in 2006, he held successive positions as artistic director for the houses of Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent. France and Italy are therefore its welcoming lands. With Costa Azzurra, he takes us to a place that is familiar to him. This very contrasting fragrance is thought of as a wave of freshness, even as sea salt floods the atmosphere, mingling with the woody breath of the dunes. It is a comforting ray of sunshine sweeping away damp skin. “I have always liked fragrances that have the ability to travel,” explains Tom Ford. Costa Azzurra captures the relaxed yet sexy atmosphere of the Mediterranean. For me, it’s the ultimate escape ”.

Costa Azzurra, the luminous and solar scent of Tom Ford

On the aesthetic side, Costa Azzurra is fully in line with the world of Tom Ford. Luxurious at will, it seduces us with its refinement and its golden color. Its glass is finely sculpted to draw numerous streaks, as the Black Orchid perfume had done before it. Its transparent walls are illuminated with a golden juice, as if it possessed all the light and power of the sun within it. What is more, this luminous shade echoes the golden lacquering present on its label and on its stopper. Here it is not only an evocation of the Mediterranean, but also the natural elegance of Tom Ford.
Costa Azzurra alone combines the freshness of the sea air with the woody breath of the Riviera. It is like a saline and refreshing wave sweeping the body in the sun. To do this, he starts off with a trio of lemon, myrtle essential oil and juniper berries. It is therefore just as refreshing as it is resinous and woody. This aromatic sensation continues in its heart, with the presence of lentiscus and cypress resin. Woody and enveloping, Costa Azzurra seems to come straight from the scrubland. It ends with a final touch of oak and cistus absolute.

Presented in a beautiful bottle , the Costa Azzurra perfume by Tom Ford shines with a thousand lights and captivates us as much by its refinement as by its solar side. His ambition? Take us on a journey with a single breath and “capture the relaxed and sexy atmosphere of the Mediterranean”. Coming from all the know-how of Tom Ford and his visionary spirit, Costa Azzurra takes us to a place particularly appreciated by the creator, between sea spray and summer heat. So, what exactly is this fragrance made of? Let’s decipher its composition.

Refreshing top notes from the garrigue

Like many perfumes, Costa Azzurra soars with the freshness of citrus fruits . This is a great way to capture attention and unleash new energy from the first breath. This is combined with more aromatic ingredients that are more rarely used in the top notes of fragrances. First of all, Tom Ford’s Costa Azzurra contains myrtle essential oil. This small shrub grows mainly around the Mediterranean basin. Resinous, it evokes the scent of the garrigue while deploying a balsamic side. Here it is combined with juniper berries, a small conifer also native to Mediterranean Europe. More spicy and woody, this one recalls the scent of pine.

The resinous heart of Costa Azzurra

At its heart, Tom Ford’s Costa Azzurra becomes more resinous, and for good reason … It contains mastic, which has a fairly strong balsamic scent. Evoking the Orient, this natural gum is as intense as it is herbaceous. Here, Tom Ford chooses to combine it with essential oil of cypress, to offer more woody persistence to his recipe, while preserving a scent close to that of pine, already present in his top notes. Immediately, Costa Azzurra takes us on a journey and evokes sea salt mixed with the woody scent of the dunes.

The woody and Mediterranean base of Costa Azzurra

Continuing on this trend, Costa Azzurra by Tom Ford ends with a more woody and sustained background. The oak gives it a certain persistence, while coming to structure the whole. Likewise, still to evoke the Mediterranean region, Tom Ford chose to include cyst absolute, a shrub whose bushes border the entire Mediterranean, very present in the mountains as in the coastal regions. Renowned for its splendid pink and white flowers, it leaves here an ultimate amber, animal and floral breath. Very appreciated for the diversity of its scent, it brings more relief to this perfume.
Costa Azzurra is described as “a crunchy medley of cypress, oak and aromatic notes. Like the rays of the sun on damp skin, citrus fruits illuminate the pine cone needles at the heart of this fragrance. The amber facets of the cyst absolute finally bring this beautiful journey to a close ”.

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