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Dent de Lait Eau de Parfum

Dent de Lait Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Serge Lutens. The notes of this fragrance are Almond milk, coconut, incense, heliotrope, slight metallic note.


We often look back on milestone events from our childhood with great poignancy, recalling the feeling of innocence and wonder, and the moment that feeling begins to change. Dent de Lait is just that, a poignant celebration one of our earliest rights of passage during that most magical period of our lives. The loss of one’s baby teeth serves as a metaphor for and a harbinger of the inevitable march toward adolescence, and this fragrance captures it with great aplomb. A flash of metallic zing opens bracingly, conjuring the slightly metallic flavor of the void where a baby tooth once roosted.
The quick yet subtle bitterness slowly gives way to a creamy-soft and reassuring smoothness through the deft use of almond milk, coconut and floral aldehydes, transporting you to that moment just before you began to trade your innocence for wisdom.
Creamy, smooth and ultimately reassuring, this gourmand is imbued with a sense of cloistered security, connecting us to that comforting feeling we enjoyed when we were young.

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