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Diva Emanuel Ungaro Eau de Parfum

Diva Emanuel Ungaro Eau de Parfum is a 1983 Chyprée Aldehyde Floral Perfume by Emanuel ungaro for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jacques Polge . Top notes are Aldehydes, Bergamot, Coriander. Middle notes are Pink, Ylang ylang, Tuberose. Base notes are Civet, Honey.


Diva, the perfume of all goddesses

Emmanuel Ungaro does not hide his love and attraction for women. Its first ready-to-wear collection “Ungaro Parallèle” is also entirely dedicated to them. It was in 1983 that he entered the arena of perfumery with “Diva”, an ultimate accessory to sublimate women.

The goddess according to Emmanuel Ungaro

For Ungaro the woman is mysterious, elegant and subtle. From the start, Emmanuel Ungaro was defined as “the couturier who loves women”. He himself is characterized as “a sensual obsessive”. It is therefore quite naturally to women, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, that the young couturier decides to dedicate his first perfume. The name is already evocative since “Diva” means “goddess” in Italian. The name “Diva” is also given to the great singers. Here, Ungaro will recreate olfactorily everything that for him represents woman. Flowers first of all, especially the rose. Then, the drapes which symbolize for the couturier absolute femininity and which envelop his bottle here. “Diva” will be the ultimate accessory that will sublimate the woman a little more …

Diva and her sensual notes

“Diva” is defined as a classic, semi-oriental fragrance characterized by powdery notes. “Diva” begins with fruity and floral notes, including bergamot, hyacinth and tangerine. The heart of “Diva” is delicate and combines the exoticism of ylang ylang with the femininity of rose. The base is also soft, but more sensual with the presence of sandalwood and vanilla. The “Diva” woman is the image that the creator has of her, mysterious, elegant and subtle. “Diva” is an ultra sophisticated feminine fragrance. Its fragrance is sublimated by a sensual allure. “Diva” leaves behind an intense, attractive trail so that the wearer never goes unnoticed. As for the bottle, it is highlighted by the drape dear to Ungaro, the one that characterizes women so well. Heavy glass,

In 1983, the couturier Emmanuel Ungaro launched into the world of perfumery with “Diva”. This fragrance is for him the opportunity to highlight the woman a little more. This latest beauty accessory is sensual, intense and addicting. Flowers and drapes, symbols of femininity according to Ungaro, are an integral part of her first perfume… A magnificent success.

Since 1965, the haute couture house Emanuel Ungaro has been offering daring collections, strong in character and very feminine. So when the couturier decided to compose perfumes, it was obvious that they would represent a woman sure of herself, her femininity and her powers of seduction. Diva, the very first Ungaro perfume, will be its essence. A chic and shocking fragrance, composed by two tenors of the perfumed organ, Jacques Polge and François Demachy.

Diva, Ungaro, Jacques Polge and Chanel

< p> When it comes to evoking the style of Ungaro’s couture collections, the first word that comes to mind would seem to be: femininity. Ungaro dresses are designed to magnify the woman and highlight her delicate curves in beautiful drapes. It goes without saying that the very first perfume composed for the couturier will have to be as luminous and glamorous as his silky dresses.

Diva will therefore be the perfume that exudes the Ungaro style of its fragrance in its precious draped bottle. and no one doubts that the Diva woman will be dressed in a perfume as precious as her dress. Especially when we know that it is the two masters of perfumery, Jacques Polge and François Demachy, who worked on the composition of the beautiful Diva of Ungaro.

Indeed, we know the two perfumers particularly well to be for one, Jacques Polge, official perfumer of the great house of Chanel, for the other, François Demachy, official perfumer still in post of the Dior house. But the two men also took part in other projects, in particular because the Ungaro perfumery was owned by the house of Chanel for a large number of years. Be that as it may, Diva d’Ungaro is one of the rare perfumes that can be proud of having been composed by these two absolute masters of modern perfumery. An exceptional quality that will make Diva a fragrance that will not only reign in its opulence over the 80s but also become a cult perfume of the time.

Diva, the scent of a pretty passionate and mysterious wild flower

When the names of Jacques Polge and François Demachy appear in the composition of a perfume, we already know that we are dealing with a perfume of character, original, very flowery and high quality raw materials.

Regarding the character of Diva, it is given first of all by the dynamism of its very citrus top notes, but also by its exotic heart with opulent flowers, including the majestic powerful and so mysterious tuberose. Of course, it will be the animal and honeyed depths that will envelop us in a unique wake, with a strong personality.

As for the flowers, great love of François Demachy, they will not be forgotten either in this magnificent Diva. On the other hand, they will be less bucolic than in the usual creations of the perfumer. In Diva, the flowers are spicy, aldehyde, sulfurous, captivating. The rose is dressed in its solar ylang-ylang outfit where the tuberose envelops it in a veil of deep mystery.

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