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Dryad Eau de Parfum

Dryad Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Papillon Artisan Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are cedrat, bigaradier orange, bergamot, narcissus, oakmoss, jonquil, clary sage, orange blossom, lavender, orris, vetiver, thyme, galbanum, costus, tarragon, apricot, benzoin, peru balsam, styrax


Liz Moores, perfumer behind Papillon Perfumes, lives in a house deep inside the New Forest, surrounded by a menagerie of children, horses, and animals that she has rescued and nurtured. Given that the forest forms a protective ring around Liz and her animals, it makes sense that Dryad feels like her most personal perfume yet, inspired as it is by the nymphs said to dwell in oak trees according to Greek mythology.
Dryad is a sylvan fantasy of friendly trees linking their branches together to form a sunlit, green canopy over your head. Although far sexier and more ruggedly outdoorsy than anything from Guerlain or Dior, fans of vintage Vol de Nuit and Miss Dior will still feel a thrill of recognition at Dyrad’s damp, mossy heart of galbanum, narcissus and an overdose of genuine oakmoss.
Smoky, tough galbanum and clary sage add a resinous, rubbery dry warmth to the moistness of the green heart, and there is a touch of sun-burnt hay by way of deer tongue, a plant rich in coumarin and vanilla, and often used to flavor tobacco. Costus and apricot add a sly hint of naughty inner thigh ? but just a hint. Dryad is a shamanic, witchy, but also relaxed scent that coaxes open the rigidly classical lines of the classic green chypre, ushering in sunlight, herbs, and a bunch of bright aromatics. The result is a Green Goddess of a fragrance, and the first green chypre that belongs more in the forest than in the boardroom.

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