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Escale En Indonesie Eau De Cologne

Escale En Indonesie Eau De Cologne is a fragrance by Les Indemodables. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, lemon, neroli, Indonesian ambergris, jasmine, sandalwood


Perhaps the most classic of all scents, the “L’eau de Cologne” style stays perpetually in fashion because of its wonderful simplicity. Featuring a lighter concentration that puts its emphasis on freshness and wearability, an EDC can actually be an ideal format to showcase exquisite natural materials in high concentrations that might feel overwhelming as part of a richer, more busy perfume.
With Escale En Indonesie, Les Indemodables has chosen to showcase a spectacular specimen of one of the most precious materials in all of perfumery- ambergris. Recovered from the paradise of Sumatra, Indonesia, this top-graded white ambergris was painstakingly distilled into a “Grand Cru” tincture, broken down with state-of-the-art ultrasound and then carefully tinctured for over six months to achieve a sublime level of complexity. Every possible facet of this fabled material- vivid ozonic tones, sensual animalics, and electric saltiness- are fully presented, delivering a depth and longevity that are rare for an eau de cologne. And a suite of carefully chosen complementary notes add more EDC freshness- a sunny sparkle of Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian lemon combine with a green, floral freshness from Moroccan neroli oil. Each note teases out even more complexity from the ambergris, which feels as bright and refreshing as the citrus opening but soon gains creamy, seductive tonality from a smooth jasmine and sandalwood base. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit heavy for an EDC, as it’s delivered with a wonderfully light touch that makes it oh so wearable. But if you’ve ever wanted a scent that harnessed the true power of ambergris while also maintaining delightful everyday wearability, don’t let this hidden gem pass you by.

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