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Fatal Charme Eau de Parfum

Fatal Charme Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Xerjoff – Join the Club. The notes of this fragrance are lemony, fruity, musk, iris, cream soda


Fatal Charme is the fashion-themed fragrance from the?Join the Club?? series by Xerjoff. It evokes that insatiable desire for the next fashion-forward vogue, with an elegant sense of compositional balance and discernment.
Zesty aldehydes lead with a mouthwatering lemony top, giving Fatal Charme a fresh modern edginess. The fresh top is grounded with an elegant, powdery iris and a charming fruity zip of violet hard candy, adding a mysterious yet familiar quality. The effervescence of Fatal Charme brings to mind the fizz of a cream soda or cuba libre. The final drydown is tinged with an irresistible hit of sheer musk. Edgy, elegant, sexy – but not taking itself too seriously – this Xerjoff creation would make any woman feel ready for the runway.

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