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Fleur des Fleurs Eau de Parfum

Fleur des Fleurs Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Une Nuit Nomade. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, Saffron, Grapefruit, Jasmin, Ylang-Ylang, Tubereuse, Glycine, Benzoin Tears, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, Oud Wood


Bali, island of flowers. The ylang-ylang, sweet, rich, and luscious, is so highly prized for its complex fragrance and incomparable benefits for the mind and body that it means ‘Flower of Flowers’ in the Malay language. And jasmine is the queen of the night, patiently waiting for sunset so she can release her powerful, warm perfume into the air. Fleur des Fleurs is an ode to ylang-ylang and jasmine, an intense white floral accord with deep, romantic lushness. Freshness is provided with the crisp citric tang of grapefruit and the mouthwatering savor of saffron, while a deep, woodsy base of sandalwood and amber nourishes the soul. A tropical floral of depth and character, Fleur des Fleurs more than earns its superlative.

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