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Geisha Botan – Eau de Parfum

Geisha Botan – Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Aroma M. The notes of this fragrance are Peony, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, velvet woods, oakmoss, musk


The power of the peony in Japanese horticulture, and iconography, is overwhelming: peonies line the immaculate gardens of public parks and shrines throughout the country, not to mention their ubiquity in Japanese art from woodcutting to traditional irezumi tattooing. Now with Geisha Botan, Maria McElroy places the peony front and center, in a hypnotically pretty scent that’s both youthful and sophisticated. Fresh peonies are the star, weaving their gentle honeyed lushness with a supporting dash of Bulgarian rose against a backdrop of soothing sandalwood and sensual vanilla with just a hint of animalic musk. It’s a perfect floral for any occasion, casual enough to wear everyday, but with hidden depths for those who fall under its spell. Discover the quintessentially Japanese world of the peony with Geisha Botan.

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