Grape Pearls Eau de Parfum

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Grape Pearls Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by The House Of Oud. The notes of this fragrance are Floral notes, blueberry, grape, grape leaf, rose, coffee, amber, vanilla, white musk

Grape Pearls Eau de Parfum
Grape Pearls Eau de Parfum


Oh my. Intense Café met Botrytis and they made a baby. A stunning?fall harvest?? fragrance, Grape Pearls strikes a perfect balance between the honeyed freshness of flowers and the earthier smells of the land as it gives up its yield. The opening notes of fruit and red wine transport us to the packing shed, where the crates of freshly-picked grapes are stacked one on top of another. These smell of ripe grapes and red berries, but also of wine must, honey, and old wood – olfactory memories of the harvests of yesteryear.
Then we are transported outside, to the orchard, among wicker baskets overflowing with blueberries and deep, blowsy roses. A waft of freshly roasted coffee beans snakes through the vines and mingles with the fruit and flowers, bringing with it the promise of a rest. Hot coffee taken in companionable silence with one’s fellow workers, surrounded by the smells of the harvest, and all wrapped up in a silky amber and vanilla accord that feels like a soft bed after a long day. Now what on earth could be more satisfying than that?

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