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Harem Soiree Parfum

Harem Soiree Parfum is a fragrance by Arte Profumi. The notes of this fragrance are ambergris, rose, myrrh

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A boozy rose dipped in honey and plunged into the salty rawness of ambergris, Harem Soiree is a stunning attar-like fragrance that takes no prisoners in the floral oriental genre. The ambergris lends a fiercely saline, windswept edge to the ambery underpinnings of the fragrance, joining with a resinous, licorice-like myrrh to render a picture of an unsweet, unpolished chunk of amber resin that has just washed up on a beach somewhere along the Baltic coast.
The textural contrasts in Harem Soiree are incredibly satisfying, especially in the juxtaposition of the syrupy, honeyed rose against the rough-edged, salt-and-pepper dryness of the ambergris and myrrh notes. Rich in a mouthwateringly sweet-and-savory way that keeps you interested all day long, Harem Soiree has the additional advantage of being hugely radiant and sillage-aceous – outwitting humidity, showers, or whatever else you can throw at it. To wear Harem Soiree is to be bathed in your own personal halo of roses, precious resins, and salty ambergris, saturating the air around you in a heavy rose-gold hue. Divine.

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