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Hyouge Eau de Parfum

Hyouge Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum Satori. The notes of this fragrance are Green tea, sage, jasmine, violet, patchouli, woods, iris


6th century tea master Oribe Furuta fiercely adhered to the teaching of Sen Rikyu to?always be different from others?? and injected a fearless and liberated sense of beauty into the world of the tea ceremony. His Hyouge (humor) pottery, called Oribe-yaki, with its characteristic dark green and black designs, appears modern, even by today’s standards.
As a fragrance designed to honor both the man himself and the exquisite art to which he dedicated his life, Hyouge is a fresh, floral green tea scent with uniquely Japanese nuance.
From the gently powdered green freshness of the very first moments, it’s clear that Hyouge is not just a tea scent, nor even just a green tea scent- it’s a matcha scent, rich yet subtle, powdery yet bright, with an evocatively complex interplay of softly bitter and sweet notes. Iris and violet further the nuance, eschewing typical floral lushness for a smooth, powdered, gently woodsy base. As you might expect, Hyouge is a quiet scent, but like a true Sado ceremony, there’s not a wasted movement- each detail is a touch of perfect, deliberate beauty. Matcha lovers- your new obsession has arrived.
(Note: Trademark/name of?Oribe?? has changed to?Hyouge??)

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