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Iridescent Sky Eau de Parfum

Iridescent Sky Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Strangers Parfumerie. The notes of this fragrance are Pomelo, tea, bergamot, neroli, pineapple, orris, Damask rose, vetiver, lemonade, gooseberry, ambrette, aluminum, musk, blueberry, smoke


Picture a sweltering but overcast midsummer afternoon in New York City- the puffy clouds hanging low amongst the skyscrapers, backlit by the setting sun to achieve a multi-toned crimson glow. The scents of the city- asphalt, exhaust, concrete- giving a smoky edge to fresh summer breeze, blooming park flowers, and sweet icy treats. The clouds themselves almost look good enough to eat. Iridescent Sky is the smell of that moment.
On every level, Iridescent Sky weds a vivacious, juicy summer freshness to smoky cityscape. Bright citrus, juicy blueberry and sweet pineapple are cut with the gentle darkness of black tea, while the smooth rose and orris heart is spiked with a fiery, earthy vetiver. A heavenly ambrette musk in the base is transformed into something distinctly urbanized against metallic aluminum and smoke notes perfectly tuned to add sophisticated contrast without ever losing the evocative joyfulness. If your happiest summer memories involve long, hot days in the big city, Iridescent Sky is the scent for you.

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