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Iridium Eau de Parfum

Iridium Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Tom Daxon. The notes of this fragrance are Juniper, angelica, carrot seed, iris, vetiver, cedarwood, Iso E Super


We don’t know what fragrance James Bond tends to wear, but we’re certain he’d make room in his rotation for Iridium. After all, just like the legendary super-spy himself, this genuinely elegant scent has a subtle, dangerously complex secret identity.
Iridium opens with a cool martini-like blast of juniper. A teaser of carrot seed and angelica introduces a silvery iris. Gliding in as sleekly as a pristine 1964 Aston Martin DB5, the natural root-like earthiness gives way to a bracing glint of metal. A base of understated cedar and the enigmatic but irresistible Iso E Super adds warmth and depth. Iridium may be soft spoken, but never underestimate the seductive power hiding just beneath the surface.

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