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Isvaraya Eau de Parfum

Isvaraya Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Indult. The notes of this fragrance are Patchouli, Indian plum tree, jasmine


In India, patchouli is associated with Vishnu, the god savior of mankind and life and the guardian of universal harmony. Isvaraya means?divine?? in Hindi and this perfume is the olfactory fantasy of both modern India and spiritual India, an exotic elixir that blends light patchouli with smooth Indian plum tree and wraps it in jasmine. Although it centers on patchouli, it’s not overly earthy. It’s rich and unusual, slightly sweet and a tad smoky, a fevered evening spent on multi-hued silken sheets while wisps of incense burn sensually in the corners of your mind. The beautiful starkness of jasmine lights the darkness of patchouli and the deep, spiced fruitiness of the plum tree… utterly unique and completely exotic, Isvaraya is not a fluffy little fragrance you wear without thinking. When you smell Isvaraya, you close your eyes and dream and your spirit is at peace.

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