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L’homme infini Eau de Parfum

L’homme infini Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Divine. The notes of this fragrance are Coriander leaf and grain, elemi, black pepper, oak, cedar, agar wood, vetiver, amber, benzoin


Yann Vasnier has a history of creating outstanding men’s scents for Divine, and L’homme infini, his latest creation for the line, does not disappoint. Resolutely masculine and warmly reassuring, this has the confident ease of a man who has all the time in the world, surveying the vast horizon to see the next adventure ahead. The opening is an effervescent and distinctive blend of green and spice, featuring coriander (both leaf and grain), elemi and a very present black pepper. There is a lovely invigorating sparkle that reminds us of freshly chopped ginger that continues to tingle and fizz even as the heart of oak, cedar and agar wood reveals itself. The woods are majestic and gorgeous ? a rich and resinous forest out of legend. Oak, cedar and agar wood layer warmth, strength and a hint of mystery. Vetiver adds a dry earthiness which plays well with the lingering pepperiness, while amber and benzoin bring out the warm, burnished glow of the wood. Elegant and nuanced, this is a scent of endless possibilities, suitable for both the serene lord of the manor and the swashbuckling stranger that swaggers up to challenge his claim.

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