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Love Kills Eau de Parfum

Love Kills Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Masque Milano. The notes of this fragrance are Lychee, rose oxide, ambrette, geranium, rose oil absolute, green notes, patchouli, ambrarome, immortelle, cedar, musk


While the concept of a soliflore might suggest simpler, more linear scents, one sniff of Love Kills should quickly disavow you of that notion. Instead, Caroline Dumur has created a rose soliflore with luscious yet edgy depth, one that masterfully plays off of the well known phrase it takes its name from to present both the romantic and dangerous sides of the grand dame of perfume florals.
On the “Love” side of things, the fragrance opens with joyful brightness, using a mouthwateringly juicy lychee note to introduce a sparkling, ambrette-tinted rose oxide. As it blossoms into a full-bodied, romantic Turkish rose absolute, we see the darker, more sensual, “Killer” side of the equation- sultrier floral tones, animalic musk, and a woodsy patchouli distillation with a decidedly…thorny quality. It’s a portrait of love in full- the joy, the hope, the intensity, and even the heartbreak, all contained within the multifaceted beauty of a rose.

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