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Lust in Paradise X Reine Paradis Eau de Parfum

Lust in Paradise X Reine Paradis Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ex Nihilo. The notes of this fragrance are pink pepper, white peony, lychee, solar accord, white cedarwood, musk, amber, Georgywood, ambergris accord


Lust in Paradise X Reine Paradis is the result of a special collaboration between Ex Nihilo Paris and the French-born visual artist Reine Paradis, who creates narrative photographs and paintings staging herself as the central figure in a transcendent landscape. Reine’s work is characterized by abstract swatches of sea blues, greens, and lush tropical colors that plunge the viewer into a semi dream-like state ? and this aesthetic has spilled over wholesale into Reine’s gorgeous ??edit’ of Lust in Paradise.
Thus, if the original Lust in Paradise is a voyage to the French Riviera by way of a blissful dream, Lust in Paradise X Reine Paradis is a journey to California by way of a Gaugin-esque painting of Tahiti. The original scent’s pretty white peony and dewy, fruity lychee gains a new solar dimension by way of the addition of salty, woody ambergris note that creates the impression of sun-warmed skin. Giving the fruit, pink pepper, and pretty florals of the original an expansive, glittering radiance, the ambergris slowly melts down into a sultry woody base that ? thanks to the woody-spicy molecule known as Georgywood ? adds an even more substantial depth to the original’s musky basenotes. Just as pretty and sparkling as the original, Lust in Paradise X Reine Paradis adds a special something that makes us dream of far-off islands, hypnotic seascapes, sun-drenched skin, and the laid-back feel of Californian artist colonies in California.

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