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Maruyama Eau de Parfum

Maruyama Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum Prissana. The notes of this fragrance are chamomile, camphor, artemisia, marjoram, incense, rose otto, angelica, jatamansi, amyris, ambrette seed, cedarwood, vetiver, lovage root


Maruyama, the name of a Japanese mountain, is a scent inspired by a visit made by perfumer Prin Lomros to a herb and flower garden in Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan, an island famous for its incredible diversity of rare medicinal herbs and flowers native to Japan. Using a natural and rare blue chamomile that tints the liquid an unusual blue hue*, Maruyama belongs to the Thammachatr (Thai for natural) series, and is thus composed of 100% all-natural raw materials.
Maruyama is a rich, savory-herbal woody scent teeming with the surprising aromas of freshly roast coffee beans, caramelized brown sugar, amber, and celery root ? notes that cannot be explained by the notes list. Rather, this is alchemic magic worked by the combination of unusual materials such as lovage root and blue chamomile, herbal notes that have an odd, unexpected richness and dimension to them. Quirky and entrancing, this chorus of ??brown’, sweetly aromatic notes proves to be robust, lasting throughout the day until the vegetal muskiness of ambrette seed diffuses it all out into a soft, woodsy haze. If you are fond of rich but kind of weird, offbeat herbal or woody perfumes such as Comme des Garcons’ Sequoia, then Maruyama is for you.
Made with 100% Natural materials*Please note that due to Maruyama’s all-natural ingredients, the fragrance may change color to a dark grey/purple. This is perfectly normal and does not affect the scent itself.

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