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Mizu Eau de Parfum

Mizu Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Di Ser. The notes of this fragrance are Japanese yuzu (Citrus junos), spearmint, paper pink, cardamom, rosewood, vetiver


Mizu, meaning water in Japanese, combines zesty yuzu with spearmint for an aqua seltzer opening that feels like ice water running down your spine. It’s the perfect palate cleanser, especially on stupid hot days when your brain seems to stop working. Although Mizu is technically a woody-aromatic citrus, you wouldn’t mistake Mizu for a French or American eau de cologne. There’s something intrinsically Japanese in its transparency, delicate sourness, and complex use of herbs.
Mizu smells exotic, but subtly so. Moving effortlessly from its sparkling spearmint-and-yuzu topnotes to an earthy rosewood and vetiver base, its transitions are as smooth as flowing water. In the heart, it picks up a slight spiciness from the smattering of clovey pinks (carnations) and green cardamom, but it’s a subtle accent rather than a plot point. Throughout, the tone is cool and astringent, the unami-rich rosewood and aromatics devoid of anything sweet or thickening. Mizu smells all-natural, because it is all-natural, but a Japanese lightness of touch keeps it from feeling muddy. Instead, Mizu wears like moonlight – peppery, silvery, and buoyant. We’re kind of obsessed with this scent here at Luckyscent, because not only does it keep us feeling refreshed on turgid afternoons, but its balance of zesty brightness and earthy sourness keeps us engaged. It’s that rare thing ? an easy wear that’s also whip smart.

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