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No. 3 Crepuscule Ardent Eau de Parfum

No. 3 Crepuscule Ardent Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Thomas Kosmala. The notes of this fragrance are saffron, olibanum, jasmine, leather, suede, amber


Crépuscule Ardent sets a smoky strand of red-gold saffron to smolder in an incense burner, while a temple attendant weaves jasmine blossoms through our hair. Echoes of a sweet Tuscan Leather-like aroma tease us, the heat magnifying the fug of soft leather, spice, and flowers until its fills the room. The intense aroma of saffron and jasmine is both pungent and creamy, like a lover’s breath on the nape of the neck.
Crépuscule Ardent’s sexy leather is bold, then increasingly soft and milky as an Arabian style amber settles in towards the base. Nothing sweet or syrupy, however ? here, a, monumental frankincense note lends the scent a charcoal dust purity that cleanses the air and cuts through the fat. This is the scent that a Valkyrie wears as they stride towards the pyre, a glorious vision of black and gold light.

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