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Portrayal Woman

Portrayal Woman is a fragrance by Amouage. The notes of this fragrance are Jasmine, Vanilla, Tabacco, Tuberose

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The fifth chapter of the cycle of the Amouage narrative, Portrayal is a manifestation of a person’s orientation to herself. A reflection of her unique authenticity, it is about breaking free from the cages of solitude society set around people because their truths are often seen as shockingly unconventional.
Portrayal embodies an artist’s ability to reconnect fragments from different times and places. When society is barren, they are able to transport themselves and immerse in the freedom of rebellion that can compare to London’s Roaring 1920’s and New York’s grooving 1980’s. With the flamboyant, glamorous and often disaffected companionship of Bright Young People, the artists lose themselves.
Portrayal Woman is for the poised and playfully refined woman who dares to defy. With a smoky yet sweet mélange created by the fusion of Craven ??A’ Tobacco with a dusting of Vanilla, this scent is brought together with Jasmine at its top, Elemi at its base and heartened with Tuberose, recreating the 1920’s liberation movement.

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