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Rozu Eau de Parfum

Rozu Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Aesop. The notes of this fragrance are Rose, shiso, guaiac

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The beauty of Aesop fragrances lies in their ability to elegantly balance between sophistication and naturalism- an Aesop scent is gorgeously refined, yet possessed with an unmistakable and primal connection to the raw materials from which it was created. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that their foray into rose scents is no delicate young flower, but a lush, gorgeously green wild rose with vibrant shiso accords, woods and spice, and a light touch of sophisticated smoke. The rose note is sumptuously romantic, with enough floral fullness to make any rose lover swoon, but the eastern influence of the aromatics and guaiac wood impart a soulful spirituality that set Rozu apart. A beautiful floral that’s every bit an Aesop scent, Rozu is a must try for rose lovers.

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