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Scandal Eau de Toilette in Paris Jean-Paul Gaultier

Scandal Eau de Toilette in Paris Jean-Paul Gaultier is a 2019 Chyprée Floral Cologne by Jean paul Gaultier for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Daphne Bugey . Top notes are Pear. Middle notes are Jasmine. Base notes are Honey.


The Jean Paul Gaultier perfume which causes a scandal in Paris!

Treating politics with extravagance, he came out even as the presidential elections had just taken place, themselves with their fair share of scandals. The timing of its release was absolutely perfect! Today, just after the scandal of Minister Castaner, Jean-Paul Gaultier reiterates the experience and surfs new waves on our political family. From now on, her new perfume is called Scandal A Paris.

Scandal In Paris, when the crazy spirit of Jean-Paul Gaultier lands in politics

Scandal A Paris is a slightly provocative fragrance, depicting the portrait of a scandalously libertine woman, both determined and provocative. Its philosophy is the same as that of its predecessor. Scandal A Paris sounds like a manifesto of freedom. “We wanted to reconnect with the spirit of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the enfant terrible of fashion, who combines luxury, the popular and a sense of humor,” explains Johanna Worth, associate director of the Mazarine agency, at the origin of advertisement for Scandal. “Today’s women are free, they have two lives, two jobs. We do not know if the young woman is here a leader of the magazine or an escort, everyone imagines what he wants. But it had to be a little shocking, not a shy little thing. It is a manifesto for the freedom to be oneself ”.

Scandal In Paris, a gourmet and suave essence

On a purely olfactory level, this results in the succession of three gourmet ingredients , gradually warming up, to achieve a smoother sensuality. Designed by Daphné Bugey, Scandal A Paris starts off with a green, juicy and light scent of power. Her heart, for its part, is enriched by one of the most famous flowers of female perfumery: jasmine. Opulent and luminous, it takes the path of seduction. The base of Scandal A Paris then becomes more sulfurous, focusing on all the gluttony of honey.

The return of the gambettes by Jean-Paul Gaultier

If the smell of Scandal A Paris is a real novelty, its bottle, on the other hand, remains essentially the same as that of its predecessor. Overcoming a pink base, both feminine and intimate, an unexpected stopper brings all the personality to its visual. This forms two female legs rising towards the sky. The addiction to Jean-Paul Gaultier’s perfume is total, so much so that we almost believe we fell into it when we were little! More than ever Scandal A Paris has something to make our heads spin! As its cute cap suggests, this is totally stunning juice!

When he created his first perfume, Classique in 1993, Jean-Paul Gaultier surprised his audience by daring to combine retro powdery accords with very modern sensualities. Success is at the rendezvous and the Classic woman will only have to dress over the years of agreements all more singular and feminine than the others.

In 2017, Jean-Paul Gaultier will give birth to a second scented woman, Scandal. A strong and seductive woman who does not hesitate to dare the contrary agreements to surprise us. What does Scandal in Paris, released in 2019, have in store for us?

Scandal in Paris, Madame La Minister takes off towards spring!

With Scandal, Daphnée Bugey, great perfumer at the head of many successful compositions including Wonderwoman by Jean-Paul Gaultier, sought to create a gourmet accord that could stand out from current olfactory trends to offer something new. “& Nbsp; I think that gluttony remains very attractive. She is sometimes a little devalued, but there are plenty of ways to treat her, with character and in a very qualitative way. & Nbsp; ” she said in 2017 to Madame Le Figaro .

Thus the perfumer has created for Scandal this qualitative gourmet accord that she loves so much by using a note of honey that would bring to the both sweet impulses with a delicate gardenia flower, but also a certain sensuality married to an overpowering patchouli in depth. A contrasting olfactory table that will perfectly suit Jean-Paul Gaultier’s complex and rich Scandal woman.

In 2018, this sensuality will be at its peak with Scandal by Night, which will exhale gluttony through the notes tuberose, sandalwood and tonka bean. However, it would seem that in 2019 with Scandal in Paris, Daphné Bugey wanted to offer a new face to the sensuality of honey, this time exploring its luminosity and solar strength.

Jasmine and fruity notes pour Scandal à Paris

The great strength of both Scandal and Scandal by Night is therefore to have opened the doors to a delicacy still unknown in perfumery thanks to the daring marriage of honey with sometimes opulent flowery forces and intense in Scandal by Night, sometimes delicate gardenia flowers as in Scandal.

For Scandal in Paris, honey remains of course, but it will take on another role and a different face, the goal of Scandal in Paris being to be summery and airy. Logically enough, Scandal in Paris will open with juicy pear notes bursting with light. In the heart, it will be jasmine that will embalm us with its exotic, opulent and divinely feminine scent, as if to better turn into a summer flower. Then finally the famous note of honey, signature of the entire Scandal range by Jean-Paul Gaultier, will close this olfactory ball in an animal and enveloping depth while remaining sweet and greedy in order to prolong the intense luminosity of this Scandal in Paris.

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