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Thays Eau de Parfum

Thays Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Fueguia 1833. The notes of this fragrance are Mate flowers, Osmanthus, Green tea


Passionate about native flora, Thays created unique parks. We have imagined the improbable encounters of multiple odors in his enchanting gardens. Originally born in France, Carlos Thays nevertheless was as true an Argentine as lived, with his landscape and park designs forming a significant and lasting element of Buenos Aires and beyond, parks that still have the capacity to enchant and amaze. To represent this in fragrance, Fueguia merges the delicate tones of mate flowers mingling with lush, creamy osmanthus and the vivid freshness of green tea. One sniff, and you’re wandering the the Roman gardens of the Jardin Botanico, Thays’ mansion ahead of you, lost in the natural splendor and in love with the world.

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