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Thichila Eau de Parfum

Thichila Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum Prissana. The notes of this fragrance are saffron, borneol, kaffir lime, jasmine sambac, champaca, gardenia, Indian tuberose, myrrh, incense, amber, styrax, rose, turmeric, spikenard, nutmeg, civet, Thai oud, Mysore sandalwood, Indonesian vetiver, cinnamon bark, Wan Sao Lhong ( Amomum Biflorum Jack)


Thichila is a stunning floriental incense scent, composed in the Eastern style, that will keep you guessing as to whether it is a floral oud, or an oudy floral, or a luscious floral bouquet awash in exotic Thai herbs and spices. Either way, this scent presents an ever-changing picture, like a landscape of red and gold sands shifting in a sandstorm.
The composition of Thichila is a marvel. Although at its core, the scent revolves around a hefty dose of animalic Thai oud dressed up with the minty, camphoraceous freshness of Wan Sao Lhong – a traditional Thai plant that looks like a flower but smells like a herb – Thichila fools us all at first by exploding onto the skin as a bombastic floral. An unctuous combo of champaca flower and Indian tuberose, tangled up in spicy saffron and tangy kaffir lime, creates the phantasm of a jungly ylang ylang. But blink, and before you know it, the floral sweetness is being reined in by a dark and earthy myrrh and roughed up by the leathery funk of that Siam oud. In Thai folklore, Wan Sao Lhong is feted as a love potion. And while Thichila could be a little challenging for oud beginners, one sniff and you will be enchanted ? drunk on this Thai love potion.

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