Hugo Man Extreme, the scented novelty of 2016


Hugo Man Extreme, the scented novelty of 2016
Hugo Man Extreme, the scented novelty of 2016

The first masculine essence from Hugo Boss made its appearance barely twenty years ago. However, the brand was particularly prolific in terms of discovering new scents. Indeed, today we can no longer count the number of perfumes offered by this great house. Moreover, Hugo Boss is clearly at the top of the ranking of the favorite perfumes of the French. So hardly did we discover the new Boss The Scent that we already learn of the imminent arrival of the latest addition to the house. The Hugo Man Extreme perfume will make its appearance in a few weeks.

Revisiting a great Hugo Boss classic

Rest assured, the new Hugo Man Extreme will be a brand new fragrance . However, it is inspired by a great classic from the Hugo Boss brand. At the very least, it clearly takes up the universe of the emblematic Hugo perfume. This was the very first essence of the Hugo Boss house and was born in 1995. It was then the scent of a free and authentic man. Its motto was: “Do not imitate, innovate! “. Hugo then succeeded in seducing a whole new generation of men. It emerged as the typical scent of the 90s. Its deceptively laid back tone quickly wowed the house’s male clientele. It then presented a freshly aromatic scent suitable for any occasion. Also, its success was such that it was revisited many times.

We remember in this case Hugo Energise from 2005 , Hugo Just Different from 2011, or even Hugo Red from 2013. Each of these readjustments was a success and it is therefore logical that the house of Hugo Boss has decided to continue on this path. Also, the new Hugo Man Extreme is presented as being a more intense and modern essence than the previous ones. Prepare for his coming, he already promises to seduce many of you.

Hugo Man Extreme, an intense smell in the heart of a gourd

If the scent of this new essence will be very different from that of its predecessor, on the other hand, the house did not look very far to find the design of its bottle. Indeed, this one takes again to misunderstand the codes of its elder. In addition, its gourd shape did not fail to surprise when it was released in 1995. Behind this somewhat singular allure was actually hidden a whole symbol. Indeed, Hugo Boss implied then the fact that the perfume was almost as vital as water. A little excessive, of course, but not totally false if we are to believe the success of this essence. Also, the scent of the new Hugo Man Extreme opens with particularly invigorating tones. The presence of green apple is exhilarating from the top notes and it is presented in a particularly intense way. Its fruity aspect then becomes particularly energizing. Then, its fragrance evolves towards a more aromatic heart. This brings together ingredients characteristic of male perfumery such as sage, lavender or even geranium. Finally, the story ends with a particularly woody trail that does not lack virility. It includes, in this case, cedar wood and fir resin.

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