New Christmas 2019 edition of Le Classique Boule à Neige perfume by Gaultier


The 2019 Christmas edition of Le Classique Boule à Neige by Gaultier
The 2019 Christmas edition of Le Classique Boule à Neige by Gaultier

The Classic Snow Globe Edition by Jean-Paul Gaultier celebrates Christmas

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. It is an auspicious moment to find our child’s soul, while filling the people who are dear to us with happiness with many gifts. However, if the perfume remains a gift of choice, Jean-Paul Gaultier has decided to bring an additional touch of magic to some of his bestsellers. To allow you to celebrate Christmas as it should be, the creator has revisited three of his cult perfumes, to offer them a new enchanting packaging. The three revisited boxes are the perfumes: Le Mâle, scandal and le Classique . But let’s start by going to meet the Classic Snowball Edition…

Le Classique Edition Boule à Neige, new edition of the first feminine perfume by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Classic is a perfume that we no longer present, so much its notoriety precedes it. Conceived in 1993, it is the first perfume designed by the creator, entirely dedicated to the female body and a tribute to eternal femininity. In addition, the Classicis also recognizable among all thanks to its bottle. There is nothing classic about its bottle and takes the form of a female body, inspired by the models used in sewing workshops. This time, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Classic has swapped its usual flesh color for a new white corset. The Classique Edition Boule à Neige also has three small red buttons that enhance its stature in a typical Christmas spirit. Thought out down to the smallest detail, this collector’s bottle takes care not to catch cold and is dressed in a red and white wool scarf. Everything is offered to us in a magical case, inspired by the transparent Christmas balls that children love to shake and observe. Undeniably, the Classique Edition Boule à Neige is a new perfume imbued with magic!

The new advertisement for the Classic Snowball Edition

To highlight the new Classique Edition Boule à Neige, Jean-Paul Gaultier has chosen to design an original advertisement. To the sound of the captivating voice of Maria Callas, the Classique Edition Boule à Neige takes us on vacation to a winter sports resort totally redesigned by master Jean-Paul Gaultier. In the company of his two acolytes, Scandal Edition Boule à Neige and the Male Edition Boule à Neige, he invites us to put on our skis and enjoy the pure mountain air!

The traditional recipe for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Classic

Note, however, that this limited edition of the Classic only transforms its bottle. His recipe remains unchanged. Thus, the Classique Edition Boule à Neige is dominated by white flowers and notably associates orange blossom, ylang-ylang, rose and iris. Its rice powder scent gives it a little retro touch. Other ingredients such as pear, plum, vanilla or cinnamon give it all its gluttony. Finally, star anise, ginger and musk spice it up and give it more bite.

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